What We Do

IT Services

Our firm offers IT management and consulting including project management, business process consulting services, and documentation/technical writing.

Project Management

We provide project management from project initiation through project closure. We dive deep when needed, anticipate risks and appropriate responses, direct and manage project execution and control changes to ensure that our client requirements are met.

Business Process Consulting Services

We provide business process consulting by teaming with our clients to capture and document functional procedures and processes, workflow analysis, business rules, operational scenarios, use cases, and the like. We assist our customers by documenting concepts, business requirements, and recommending process improvements by offering suggestions to streamline / reduce waste.

Documentation/Technical Writing

In addition to the above services, we also provide documentation and technical writing for system specifications for new or existing systems, technical specifications for proposals, or standard operating procedures. We can augment your staff and focus on the technical writing so that you can focus on the leadership / management aspects of your organization.