What We Do


Abercrombie & Associates, LLC provides a full range of outsourced accounting services, and we are well positioned to serve as a member of your finance team or as the entire team that works directly with your senior management.

Our highly skilled staff provides internal accounting assistance utilizing various “off the shelf” software packages for nonprofit and for-profit clients. The levels of assistance range from bookkeeping (on and off-site) services to filling temporary financial management staff positions. We also train and supervise client accounting personnel when clients prefer to perform as many accounting functions as possible in house.

Our consulting services provide a fresh, thorough review of your organizational structure and business plan. They include:

  • Serve as your Chief Financial Officer and/or accounting department
  • Review and development of accounting policies and procedures
  • Process and administer payroll
  • Develop and manage budgets
  • Perform forensic accounting
  • Review internal control processes
  • Assist in audit preparation
  • Install and train on software (Peachtree, QuickBooks, Solomon, Excel)
  • Perform financial analysis (including review of financial results)
  • Conduct business valuation
  • Assist with strategic planning, development of dashboards and KPI’s
  • Manage cash flow
  • Complete board presentations

Auditing Services

Our auditing services involve more than issuing a report on financial statements. We view each audit engagement as an opportunity to evaluate the overall efficiency of an organization’s internal accounting controls. All audits performed by our firm include discussions with management and written recommendations on how to improve significant weaknesses that may come to our attention during the course of our work. Members of our audit staff are trained to recognize problem areas and to assist in resolving them.

Tax Planning and Preparation

Our tax practice covers all types of nonprofit and for-profit entities – corporations and partnerships – as well as individual planning and return preparation. We work to develop an awareness of specific client situations and keep informed of changes that will impact them.